contemporary mixed media artist

The inspiration for my art comes from the emotional energies I experience in my daily existence. My work reflects my endless fascination for the contours and rhythms of the natural and man-made landscape around me. I create stratified, highly textural, contemporary abstract artworks by fusing discarded and recycled materials with a variety of found objects and other mixed media using self-developed artistic techniques. My objective is to convey alternative perspectives of figurative imagery which resonate with the observer but often only emerge when viewed repeatedly over time.

Stimulus comes from everyday observations of objects and structures, such as the pattern created by a woodpile, the furrows in a ploughed field or the repeated symmetry within an architectural feature, seascape or landscape. My love of old maps, satellite imagery, facades, favelas and archaeological records all serve to inspire me and the movement of crowds, flocks, herds and shoals within delineated spaces can also be found in my art.

My work contains a multitude of discarded materials and found objects collected over time. Each component carries a fragment of memory from its original owner, imprinted and forever embedded within its structure. Like holding a shell to an ear to sense the sea, being open to what lies beneath the surfaces of my works has the potential to reveal harmonics to resonate with the viewer's own inner vibrational field.